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Lloyd Alexander TS

Lloyd Alexander TS

Lloyd Alexander TS
Owner: Helsingin Automuseo
The car museum of Helsinki

Lloyd Alexander TS   Lloyd Alexander TS

Lloyd driver comment:

Hi, Just thought I would send you a note to tell you I was on your Lloyd web page.

When I was younger, I had the Lloyd (around 1960) and used to drive it all over New England here in the USA. It was the best car I ever owned.

The doors opened backwards, the seats all folded down and it got almost 60 miles to the gallon. It had a 6.6 liter gas tank that cost me $1.25 (US) to fill!!

My friend and I used to fold up the front seats, fold down the rear seat and sleep in it like a camper. We used to go down walking paths in the woods and, if we got stuck, pick up the front or rear and move it out of the hole!!

Thank you for the pictures, it brought back great memories. If you need any pictures, I may still have some in my photo album. Thanks again for a great car..

John Cloonan, New England, USA.  10.29.1998