Auto insurance issue

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Auto insurance issue

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When I added my car to Progressive, I had no issues. Then when I tried to add myself as a driver, their record advised that I was involved in an at-fault accident earlier this yr and that I filed a claim last year. Upon research, I found out the at-fault accident was a minor accident by my father and the claim was a windshield replacement from me Somehow, his at-fault accident became attached to my name because we are under the same insurance and both of our names are on all vehicles that we own. I was not even aware of this accident until now. As for the windshield replacement, I was told that I'm allowed to get x2 windshield replacement per yr in FL with a full-comprehensive coverage. Doing this claim never raised our current insurance but now it is being counted against me as I'm trying to go w/ a new insurance company.Anyhow, I need to dispute the accident (windshield claim isn't as big of a deal, I don't think), but their timeline is going to last after my expiration date. I have to go through some "CLUE Nexislexis" thrid-party record company to dispute it and all.Right now, I've scheduled to add my vehicle to the new insurance as it won't have negative affect on me. But I have not added myself as a driver because I don't agree with their record. What are my best course of action?

Please help.

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