Microcar owners near Helsinki?

Itku-potku-raivarit kun osat eivät sovi yhteen, mutta ehkä joku osaa auttaa...
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Microcar owners near Helsinki?

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First, please allow me to apologize for posting in English, unfortunately I cannot speak Finnish.
I am trying to find owners of microcars near Helsinki. My wife adores both Isetta type bubble cars and Messerschmitt KR 200's.
It has been over a year since we were married and only now can we afford to have a honeymoon holiday, for our honeymoon we decided we would like to visit Finland and will be arriving in Helsinki on July 27 and staying until August 8.

During this time I would like to surprise my wife. I know that it is a lot to ask, but if any owners of Isetta's or KR200's in or near Helsinki would be willing, I would like for my wife to experience driving one of these cars. Not on roads with traffic, but maybe for 5 minutes in a carpark or on private land? It would truly be a dream come true for my wife. There are very few working examples of these cars in the area of Japan in which we live, so I hope that her dream can be realized on our honeymoon in FInland.

Even if someone can suggest a location in or near Helsinki where there will be a meeting of microcar owners or a microcar museum where we can view these awesome cars it would make us very happy. I have heard of the BK car collection near Helsinki which would be a perfect place to visit but can not find any information on its location or even if it is open to the public.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Please help me to make this a memorable occasion for my wife.


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